Get to know me!

About Me

My Background


My oldest memories are me running around the 'hood just trying to get by. After I got picked up, the man and woman took me to their house, and I have to admit, things have been kinda cushy. The man got me in shape, taught me basic skills I would need and the woman kept me fed. Big time.

My Hobbies


When I'm back at home, I like to give back to the community. I'll play Santa for the kids at Christmas or dress up and give out candy on Halloween. And, when I'm not on a mission, I keep the neighborhood free of those nasty squirrels.

My Favorite Things


Me and my buds try to get in as much trigger time as we can. Not only is it one of my most favorite things to do, it helps me keep my edge and focused when poo-poo hits the fan at work. And squirrels. I looooove chasing squirrels.